The Big Society

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Welcome to the Big Society

We at have written to every MP on the Government benches to find out what voluntary activities they are participating in to forge The Big Society. Click here to see what your MP is doing.

Reach For The Stars
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Reach For The Stars
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Only 8% of Coalition MPs Contribute to Big Society

One of the pioneering policies of the Coalition Government has been The Big Society. This initiative has been based upon the principles of empowering communities, redistributing power and fostering a culture of volunteerism. We at felt certain that Members of Parliament would be leading by example with regard to this progressive, innovative strategy. Consequently, we wrote to every MP on the government benches to ask them to detail all the voluntary work they had undertaken during the summer and winter recesses of Parliament.

The results were underwhelming. At the time of David Cameron's relaunch of the Big Society project on 14 February 2011, only 8% of Coalition MPs had declared any voluntary contributions to The Big Society. The information to date suggests that the vast majority of Coalition MPs have yet to buy into The Big Society project. 

Are we really all in this together? Only time will tell.

Building the Big Society

big society

Our Conservative - Liberal Democrat Government has come together with a driving ambition: to put more power and opportunity into people’s hands.
We want to give citizens, communities and local government the power and information they need to come together, solve the problems they face and build the Britain they want. We want society – the families, networks, neighbourhoods and communities that form the fabric of so much of our everyday lives – to be bigger and stronger than ever before. Only when people and communities are given more power and take more responsibility can we achieve fairness and opportunity for all.

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